Business Process Assessment

ATS understands that every business is being challenged to bring better products & services to market faster, and at a lower cost. We also know that there are several choices you can make to meet these challenges. But unless your business is understood in its entirety, how can you be sure that any solution you are offered will meet your objectives and deliver a return on your investment.

Let’s look at design software as an example. Will buying the latest and greatest software suite help improve your design workflow and provide you with a return on the investment? Not if your design team doesn’t know how to use it. Not if it doesn’t integrate well with the software tools that you currently utilize.

You can’t improve what you don’t know. That’s why ATS is focused on helping companies like yours improve the way they get things done. We know that by improving on your existing tools and workflows we can help you accomplish many the following:

  • stay up to date with industry trends
  • remove workflow bottlenecks
  • get more from the investment & tools you already have
  • improve operational performance
    • save time
    • reduce errors
  • offer a higher quality product and/or service
  • win jobs you would have normally thought were out of your reach

How do we accomplish this? We apply a structured methodology to identify specific gaps in your current tools, processes and systems. We then use the information gathered to apply leading practices to make improvements. The key outcome is a viable roadmap to implement improvements that balance cost, benefits, and organizational change.

This process, known as a Business Process Assessment or BPA, is conducted by our team of industry experts who start by defining the scope of the assessment,  then use a four step approach to conduct it.